By air:

The only Warsaw airport ‘Okęcie' is located near the city center. The easiest way to get to the hotels is by taxi. A trip from the airport to downtown, where most of the conference hotels are situated, takes about 30 min. and costs about 30-40 zł (8-10 Euro).

Warsaw Airport recommends the services of three taxi companies, namely:
Merc Taxi , phone: +48 (22) 677 77 77
MPT Radio Taxi , phone: +48 (22) 9191
Sawa Taxi , phone: +48 (22) 644 44 44
We advise you against using unlicensed taxi carriers which offer their services in the Arrivals Hall of the Airport.

The ‘Balice' airport in Cracow also maintains international flights (some of you may wish to return to your home country from Cracow).


By train:

The main railway station in Warsaw is ‘Warszawa Centralna', where all Euro- and Intercity trains arrive. The station is located in the city center and offers very convenient public transport connections with other parts of the city.

In Cracow , Euro- and Intercity trains arrive at ‘Kraków Główny' station. A trip from Warsaw to Cracow takes about 2,5h and there are several trains every day.


By car:

Not recommended. The standard of Polish roads and highways is definitely lower than in other parts of Europe . Also in both cities – Warsaw and Cracow – there is a lot of traffic and driving around downtown is heavily restricted.


Public transportation in Warsaw :

Public transport in Warsaw is well developed and comfortable. Both libraries and all hotels (except Sokrates) are located in the centre of the city and in close vicinity to several bus or tram stops (see maps below). The conference registration fee includes one week ticket valid for all means of public tranport in Warsaw (buses, trams and underground). Please note that the ticket has to be validated the first time you use any means of public transport. Afterwards, no additional validation is required. Validators can be found in every bus, tram and underground station.

Map of Warsaw


The Warsaw University Library


The National Library